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University for four years, day after day wasted in the past, when hot sale ysl replica handbagsI was alone graduate, roommates sigh for a miracle. When one of my female students graduate diploma in one hand, a marriage certificate in one hand, we finished on the wedding feast San Huofan Then, time for the elephants. Please get the first month's salary when Chen eat, I take it as a 50% discount ysl Replica Handbags joke to tell him, he was a bit disappointed listening to God, replica handbags free shippingand casually said:. "I would have been going to a school to get married." I looked at him in shock. He saw that he seemed to say something, pretty ysl handbagseyes passing a trace of sadness. Sometimes we do not speak. I slowly calmed down and said:. hot sale ysl replica handbags "To Chen, the last time your mom asked me if I have a girlfriend, you should also find a girlfriend now." At this moment this sentence, I put it 50% discount ysl Replica Handbags wholeheartedly. Already wasted four years of college so I understand, after Zhao Mo Sheng, why Chen who might fall in love with, but certainly not me. Why I'm not old rose, and now I hope that he fell in love with someone again, and replica handbags free shipping this time, I would like to wish. Although heartache.pretty ysl handbags He turned away a few words lightly, hot sale ysl replica handbagsdid not pick this topic. This meal in some far-fetched topic spent,50% discount ysl Replica Handbags closing time, although that is my treat, but still paid to Chen. The time for change, such as waiters, Chen got up and went replica handbags free shippingto the bathroom. The waiter returned the change to me, he has not come back to see his coat hanging on a chair, and I reached in and pulled out his wallet jacket pocket, trying to change into them.

Open the wallet, I saw that picture.pretty ysl handbags From what seems to be torn documents, and there are even signs of Seal. Photo on the ponytail girl, big eyes smile hot sale ysl replica handbagscurved like a crescent, a pair of sunny look. Very familiar smile, but I have not seen for a long time. In Chen came back, I took the wallet stared in a daze,50% discount ysl Replica Handbags the fortress was too late to go back, simply put away money generously back to him. "Looking for change." "Ah." He nodded and took over, look calm, replica handbags free shippingas that year when Zhao Mo Sheng just go. But at the moment I suddenly realized this expression of his meaning. Quiet because there are already some decisions.pretty ysl handbags Decided to wait. Some people's wounds slowly healed in time, like sale ysl replica handbags Some people are slowly festering wounds in time, such as him.50% discount ysl Replica Handbags All these years, he recovered only appearance, there is a wound that penetrated the bone marrow, where the people can not see rampant. We walk out of the hotel to the bus station. At thatreplica handbags free shipping time he had just one year, I am just left the society, have no economic power, transport, or choose the cheapest bus. Waiting for the bus when we did not speak, I'll wait replica handbags free shippingfor the car soon, the car soon stopped whenpretty ysl handbags he suddenly called me out loud: The "Rose." I Ce Toukan him.

The bright lights of the city at night mottled reflected replica handbags free shippingin him, he appears more a solitude. "You will understand later, if that person had appeared, replica handbags free shippingothers will become will. Of the world," he said, "I will not want to." Bus involute further away, his shadow slowly blur in my field pretty ysl handbagsof vision. He repeatedly ringing mind that sentence - you will understand later, if that person had appeared, others will become the world will. Why then, I knew all sale ysl replica handbags But I do not want to will. So in this huge city full of people,50% discount ysl Replica Handbags we have the same feelings of loneliness stubborn. Busy with their respective careers, we gradually than in replica handbags free shippingcollege even negligent contact. I used to be afraid that one day, but that day is coming. In fact, it seems like nothing.pretty ysl handbags I'm not sad. As it has been sale ysl replica handbags Chen gave to me a long time to get used to.50% discount ysl Replica Handbags Later, once he came to pick me back to company Y City to visit sick father in the company when they were waiting for me downstairs and saw one of my female colleagues. The next day the female colleague asked me who he was,replica handbags free shipping even brazenly asked him if he had no girlfriend. I say, he has a girlfriend, but in the United States.pretty ysl handbags Her eyes reveal disappointed, somewhat dissatisfied, said: "exotic love ah, hot sale ysl replica handbagslong distance relationship will break up, exotic love it very dangerous." "No, they end up together." I 50% discount ysl Replica Handbagsdo not know where to stick, "she'll be back."

So I firmly at the pit louis vuitton replica handbags head replica handbags free shippingsquatting. "

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