If eating too much at ordinary times the rolex replica watches refined flour, processed foods and sugar, you will have because of the heavy load and the spleen becomes weak, the main symptoms for unstable blood pressure, fatigue, sleepiness, and fat. The spleen appear problem, body hoard water easily, cause oedema, this also is many girls' fat (accurately, "puffiness"). Too much sugar can increase your body moisture, Replicas Watches cause disease. Pu-erh tea is can help you in this respect, it effect of qushi change the energy in the intestines and stomach, help to lose weight. Also some scholars pointed out that the pu-erh tea can accelerate metabolism, promote fat burning.

In addition, pu-erh tea also contains caffeine omega replica watchesand other minerals, these nutrients can inhibit fatty acid enzyme. In other words, if you get into the habit of drinking tea, your intake of saturated fat, won't make you fat. Although it sounds a bit weird, but experts point out that the combination of catechins and caffeine body heat production rate can be increased by 40%.

Heat production refers to the body, fake watcheswhich is in order to maintain normal level of 37 degrees, it takes you to absorb heat. You can convert it, because drink puer tea and how many calories will then get rid of. These are the reasons why pu-erh tea by urban women more and more attention. According to the report, love beauty like Victoria Beckham is pu-erh tea lovers.

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